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Please share experiences with your Emotional Support Animal, Service Animal, or Therapy Animal. We love reading and sharing stories of how animals have a positive impact in our communities and our personal lives. There is nothing like the unconditional love of an animal.

Emotional Support Animals help individuals with anxiety or depression by providing comfort and support. Any animal can be an Emotional Support Animal. Federal law does not require these animals to have any specific training and you do not have to be disabled to have an Emotional Support Animal.

Service animals must perform a task for an owner with a disability or medical condition. The disability does not have to be visible. Dogs and miniature horses can be service animals. You do not need note from a doctor for a service animal. Examples of tasks that can be performed by a service animal include:

Therapy animals provide affection and comfort to individuals in hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities. Therapy animals do not have the same rights as Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals such as no-pet housing and airline travel. These animals can help in many ways and are commonly used in the following circumstances: Schools, Hospitals, Autism Support, etc.